Volunteer for FSU.VOST

Are you an FSU Student looking for a way to help out during a disaster? FSU.VOST offers an engaging and meaningful way to do just that!

Here are some of the more common questions about volunteering with FSU.VOST:

Do I have to be an expert in emergency management?

No. While some EM knowledge would be good, we are looking for social media savvy individuals who can help us mine Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (and others) for disaster related information.

Do I need special equipment or software?

No. Everything we use is free and can be run on any laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection. You will need a Twitter account, a Skype account, and a Google (Gmail) account to get started.

I have a full time job, can I still volunteer?

Absolutely. In a major activation, we will need volunteers to work shifts in the evening, overnight, and on the weekends. You can give as much or as little time as you want.

Do I get paid? 


Can I put this on my resume?

Of course. FSU.VOST is a great resume builder and we can provide verification and references for our volunteers.

What training is required or recommended?

We offer specific training on how to work in the FSU.VOST framework – we will teach you everything you need to know.

Get on the Roster

If you would like to get on the FSU.VOST roster and be available for activations, contact our staff at vostinfo at cdrp.net.