Final Situation Report (#4) // Panhandle Flooding // 1 May 2014 1700

SITUATION REPORT 4 //  Panhandle Flooding // 1 May 2014 1700


Operational Objectives

  • Monitor social media for data on public perception of disaster response as well as rumors
  • Monitor social media for reports of damage, life safety issues, and flooding.

Operational Period

As of now, the operational period is 12 hours.  0700 – 1900, 1900 – 0700

Team Leader

David Merrick
Skype: david.merrick
Cell: 850.980.7098

Summary of Situation

Significant rainfall in Pensacola/Escambia County as well as eastward throughout the Florida panhandle has resulted in flooding of homes, businesses and roadways throughout the area.  Further, an apparent gas line leak caused an explosion in the Escambia County Jail overnight.

FSU.VOST is focused on identifying rumors and public sentiment.  We do not feel there is significant situational awareness information to be found in social media today.

As of 1700 on 1 May 2014, FSU.VOST is deactivated and standing down.

Summary of Trends 

No situational awareness information (that is new) is being broadcast on social media.  As of this afternoon, the majority of public posts have been repeats of pictures and videos, as well as expressions of sympathy or support. Almost no negative sentiment was observed.  Almost no rumor behavior was observed (see SitRep 3).

Major media outlets and personalities are broadcasting on social media information about flood damage and the jail explosion, but this is not meaningful in regards to situational awareness or public sentiment.

A full list of reports can be viewed at:

This is the last situation report for this activation.

Summary of Critical Events

None reported.


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